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AFAA, 10 ans d'architecture


Monograph of agency AFAA Structures directed by the three architects Philippe Audart, Marc Favaro and Damien Poyet.
54 projects are presented according to four sets of themes: tertiary sector, residences, public equipment, equipment technical; 
that they are “ON” (built projects), “OFF” (not built projects) or “ON AIR” (projects in progress).

An outline faithful and documented of the original production of this agency which thus celebrates its 10 years.



Size: 17,5 x 23,5 cm / 128 pages

Language: Français
Quantity: 1000 ex.,
printed in France...
Isbn: 978-2-919380-00-8

Price: 24,50 €


Graphic design: Bureau 205








AFAA, 10 ans d'architecture

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