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“Catalogue déraisonné” of the Museum of Printing and Graphic Communication


The “catalogue déraisonné” (unreasonable descriptive catalog) of the Museum of Printing and Graphic Communication presents testimonies of fifty authors - printers, graphic designers, curators, bibliophiles, booksellers, researchers, scholars - who evoke their relations to a document from the collections.


Richly illustrated, the book shows the evolutions of the graphic world. In fifty years, the techniques inherited from Gutenberg have been overturned and replaced by photography, electronics and digital.

Today the modes of production, distribution and consumption of graphic products are deeply transformed by the advent of the virtual document and digital networks and medias.


The book allows the reader to explore the collections of the Museum, which have been enriched since its creation in 1964 by Maurice Audin. They opened up to all of graphic communication: books, printed images, newspapers and magazines, but also useful, daily and ephemeral documents which have been, for more than two centuries, among the main drivers of graphic innovation, hence one of the main sources of the visual world around us today.


A real intimate meeting with readers around the memory - and the future - of words and images.


Size: 17 × 23 cm

Pages: 160 pages

Pictures: 200 (quadrichromie et noir et blanc)

ISBN: 978-291-938-031-2

Price: 19,50 €

Graphic Design: Bureau 205


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