Éditions deux-cent-cinq

Chroniques de géo’ virale,

Michel Lussault

Drawing by Lou Herrmann

Collection “À partir de l’Anthropocène”

Coedition École urbaine de Lyon

and Éditions deux-cent-cinq


On March 17, 2020, strict lockdown of the French population started, in order to prevent Covid-19 breakdown of spreading. Suddenly, everything stopped: travels, exchanges, tourism, schools, universities, shopping malls, airports, factories, cinemas, theatres…

         In this unprecedented context,  geographer Michel Lussault decided to produce a series of video chronicles called “géo’ virale”, in order to “not be stupidly locked down” and to share thoughts out loud. One needs to “think the world with the virus”, as the spread of the virus highlights the main characteristics of globalisation, particularly the generalised urbanisation of the planet. The pandemic reveals how the world evolve in a system, and how vulnerable it is, underlining social inequality.

         This book transcribe the ten chronicles posted from March 23 to May 11, 2020 (when total lockdown progressively ended). The author added commentaries, which puts each episode in critical perspective, as well as a conclusion that considers the pandemic as a “total fact of the anthropocene era”. In order of offering a different view on the text, illustrator Lou Herrmann designed a graphic journey through the chronicles, to enrich the reading.


Format:  9,5 × 15,7 cm

Pages:  112

ISBN:  978-2-919380-33-6

Price:  15 €

Editorial direction, graphic design: Bureau 205



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