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“Design a visual identity

M.A.X # 2


Visual identity is essential for any organization. With numerous historical and contemporary examples, this manual provides with material for the demanding exercise of developing a global visual language capable of adaptation for both print and digital media.

ISBN: 978-2-919380-27-5


M.A.X textbooks are intended for students, teachers, graphic practitioners, and sponsors. They introduce methodically the specific topics related to graphic design: type, visual identity, poster, etc.


Fedrigoni Sirio Color and Arcoprint papers. Printing: Chirat.


Texts: D. Gautier and F. Roller

Format: 23.1 × 31.5 cm

Pages: 96 p.

Price: 25 €

Graphic design: Bureau 205

Photogravure: Frédéric Basset


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