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Florence & Henri — Yveline Loiseur and Olivier Belon

This book tells a story of poetry to children by reading a story, definitions and 8 boards to handle. It refers to the work of photographer Florence Henri (1893-1982), her use of mirrors and the geometric construction of her still lifes in the late twenties, strongly influenced by her studies at the Bauhaus with Josef Albers and László Moholy-Nagy.


Read and Watch

In her studio, Yveline Loiseur has staged the story of a female photographer (Florence) and a paper cat (Henri) in the laboratory where she shows the children the succession of technical steps to that an image is revealed.



During reading, the child becomes acquainted with the vocabulary of photography: camera, reflection, film, print, enlarger, light, etc.



The reading and the observation of the images suggest to his readers ideas of manipulation that they will be able to carry out with the boards of games and the proposed equipment: mirror, filters of color and tool of reframing.


Size: 21,5 × 26,5  cm

Pages:  36 + 8 planches d’expérimentation + petit matériel

ISBN: 978-2-919380-29-9 

Price: 26 €

Graphic design: Bureau 205


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