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BF15 2015-2004

Retrospective edition


Texts by Perrine Lacroix

and François Quintin


La BF15 is a space for experimentation, production and dissemination of contemporary art. It displays art pieces that question our world, and the role of art in society. Its vocation is to promote the different forms of creation by emphasizing singular and authentic approaches to creation. This publication shows the program of the past eleven years of BF15, and the curatorship of Perrine Lacroix. It represents more than 120 artists or collectives and 80 exhibitions or events. It tells the history of La BF15 and its relation with the local art scene and a large audience. It shows the importance of associative places and art centers. Born from individual or collective initiatives, their spontaneity actively contributes to the diversity of the cultural scene.


Graphic design: Bureau 205

Photos © Z. Chambert & J. Treillet


Format: 16.5 x 22.5 cm

Pages: 320

Binding: Otabind

ISBN: 976-2-919380-20-6

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