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Le journal de La Confluence

This "newspaper”edition presents the urban project of La Confluence in Lyon. It recalls its history, shows its advance, announces the next stages: "côté Saône" (Saône Side), completion of the nautical place and the reconversion of the Rambaud port and, "côté Rhône" (Rhône Side), transformation of the Saint-Paul and Saint-Joseph prisons, ecorenovation of the historical quarters Sainte-Blandine and the transformation of the market place, the installation of the Field to the point of the territory, the creation of the bridge "pont des Girondins" joining the district of Gerland and the prolongation of the tram line.

For ten years, the territory of La Confluence has changed, images, plans, interviews with the support.

This edition consists of two newspapers, headings respectively “Côté Saône” and “Côté Rhône”. It echoes the exposure “the Junction, hyphens in the middle of Lyon” presented of November 2011 to December 2012.


Size: 29,5 x 43 cm / 48 pages

Language: Français
Quantity: 15000 ex., printed in Switzerland
Isbn: 978-2-919380-10-7

Price: 7 €


Graphic design: Bureau 205
Font used: Alcala


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Journal de La Confluence

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