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Lointain intérieur, Yveline Loiseur

“Aux êtres patients” texte de Michel Poivert


Lointain intérieur shows the results of Yveline Loiseur’s work at the Center hospitalier Métropole Savoie and the special relations which grew with patients and caregivers. Their exchanges and mutual understanding produced images where one can perceive the sensitivity of a relationship, with its intelligence, fragility and empathy.


The plays of veil, whiteness and transparency of the images of Yveline Loiseur are transcribed in the delicate paper of the editorial object. The book experiences time, as does the photographer, as do photography. A time of patience, latency, slowing down the pace of life, as in the hospital.

The book comes as a folded sheet that the reader have to patiently cut out with tool in order to see texts and images. The author Michel Poivert is retracing the parallel histories of art and medicine, inviting the reader to understand how “ethics and aesthetics [are likely to generate] a new photographic language”.

The reader re-enacts the envelopment and unveiling of bodies, allowing the invisible to get revelead.


Format: 24.5 × 17 cm

Pages: 32

ISBN: 978-2-919380-32-9

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