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Lyon, architecture(s) urbaine(s)


This reference book on the urban architecture of Lyon, has fallen under a step of valorization and sensitizing of the public to the work undertaken for several years on the architectural and urban quality.

The objective is to share this experiment and to draw some, to leave 64 examples the ground, the substance.

This didactic work makes a big part with the illustration through 6 topics: 1 – great landscapes; 2 – to accompany the street

L’objectif est de partager cette expérience et d’en tirer, à partir 64 exemples du terrain, la substance.

Cet ouvrage didactique fait une large part à l’illustration à travers 6 thèmes : 1 – grands paysages ; 2 – accompagner la rue; 3 – good neighborhood;  4 – diversity of the assemblies; 5 – memory and re-employment; 6 – hearts of small islands.

The writning was entrusted to the agency In medias res.


Size: 23 x 30 cm / 208 pages

Language: French
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printed in France!
Isbn: 978-2-919380-01-5

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Graphic design: Bureau 205

Photos © Z. Chambert & J. Treillet


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