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Nouvelles Urbanités


Nouvelles Urbanités proposes a reflection on how to think tomorrow’s city differently, starting today!

         This journal gives the floor to the collective Nouvelles Urbanités* born on the occasion of the exhibition “Lieux infinis” at the French pavilion of the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2018. Since then, the exploration and analysis of collective processes to inhabit the world and build common ones continues.

         This edition summarizes the exchanges and formalizes proposals for actions to consider tomorrow’s city differently. Given to many of the city’s stakeholders—practitioners and theorists, project owners and project managers, teachers and specialists—it is possible to glimpse how, together, the city can be thought of, conceived and constructed differently, both urban and architectural, as well as ecological, societal, food, economic, financial and legal aspects, at a time when, obviously, society needs to be viewed from other angles.

         *This collective initially consists of Atelier parisien d’urbanisme, Aurore, la Banque des Territoires, Cheuvreux notaires, l’École urbaine de Lyon, Encore Heureux Architectes, Enlarge Your Paris, Plateau Urbain, SNCF Immobilier, l’Union sociale pour l’habitat et Yes We Camp.


Authors: Dominique Alba, Alain Alexanian, Nicolas Bard, Fabrice Bardet, Renaud Bettin, Patrick Bouchain, Paul Citron, Fanny Cottet, Angèle de Lamberterie, Nicola Delon, Nicolas Détrie, Valérie Disdier, Vianney Delourme, Charlotte Girerd, Arthur Grimonpont, Olivier Hamant, Lou Herrmann, Simon Laisney, Raphaël Léonetti, Michel Lussault, Raphaël Ménard, Camille Picard, Michèle Raunet, Jacques Richard, Benoït Quignon, Hervé Rivano, Boris Tavernier, Benoît Thévard, Nicolas Tixier, Maxime Zaït, Joëlle Zask

Illustrations: Lou Herrmann


Pages: 48

Format: 29,7 × 43 cm

Price: 8 euros

ISBN 978-2-919380-34-3

Editorial concept, graphic design: Bureau 205



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