Éditions deux-cent-cinq

“Observer, comprendre
et utiliser la typographie”

M.A.X #3


The aim of this book is to make its readers, ??? or professional, student or confirmed designer, able to observe, understand and use typography precisely. It presents the origins of writing and circumstances that allowed typography to be developped; it shows the basic typographical concepts and then details the subjects that everyone can be confronted with from the moment they compose a text. The multiplication of communication channels, printed and digital, fixed or dynamic, and their ever wider use, imply that those who wish to use typography in full knowledge, know its origins, and master its basis: typography is an art, within the reach of everyone.

ISBN: 978-2-919380-37-4


M.A.X textbooks are intended for students, teachers, graphic practitioners, and sponsors. They introduce methodically the specific topics related to graphic design: type, visual identity, poster, etc.


Fedrigoni Sirio Color and Arcoprint papers. Printing: Chirat.


Texts: D. Gautier et F. Roller

Size: 23,1 × 31,5 cm

Pages: 168 p.

Price: 39 €

Graphic design: Bureau 205

Lithography: Frédéric Basset


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