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Picturodrome — Johann Rivat

Texts: Judicaël Lavrador and Charlotte Poisson


This monograph presents the work of painting of the artist and the preparatory drawings in a second book. The texts clarify the relation that Johann Rivat maintains with painting and his history, the place of the landscape and architecture, the strange statute of the characters also.


Extract (text of Charlotte Poisson):

What Johann paints, it's a world of afterwards, devastated, where something of appalling and inescapable arrived. Many are the post-apocalyptic scenarios which can emerge from paintings of Johann, free with us to imagine them. Ad infinitum, Johann Rivat repeats same compositions. The same objects, gas stations, adventure playgrounds, return indefatigably in the center of its painting. A repetition which becomes obsession [...] Johann Rivat [...] works the repetition of the object by sublimation by giving him always more presence, of thickness, magnetism. […] Objects shine at the horizon, kinds of holograms phantasmagoric, their light sends signals to far. The end of the world is not for tomorrow.


Biography: Johann Rivat, born in 1981, lives and works in Grenoble. He made his studies at the Fine arts school of Lyon, then of Grenoble  like at the Art department of the university of Shanghai. His work is regularly exposed in France and abroad.


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