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Éditions deux-cent-cinq
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Indicative publisher: 978-2-919380

522 580 430 
RCS Lyon (France)

Éditions deux-cent-cinq is a publisher specialised in graphic and type design,
with a focus on contemporary practices that feed and teach the readers’
eyes and imagination (architecture, urbanism, photography, poetry, social science).
        The images and signs that surround us in our daily lives can be given
meaning, thus help promoting civic engagement and autonomy. 
That is why Éditions deux-cent-cinq addresses both the specialist and the layman, 
to reach the wider audience.

        Transmitting knowledge and graphic design culture is demanding.
Our pedagogy aims to not reduce complexity but explain it. It trusts the intelligence

and discernment of our readers, whether adults or children.


Publications by Éditions deux-cent-cinq are distributed by a selected network
of bookshops, almost in France, Swizerland, Belgium and Canada.
        Contact us if you're a bookseller interested in our books. We’re looking for
adding new bookshops as partners.