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"Rhodanie. Paysages déclassés",
Bertrand Stofleth


Michel Poivert, historian of art; Mireille Provansal, hydrogeomorphologist and Bernard Picon, socilogist.


The Rhodanie project is a documentary photographic series of Bertrand Stofleth who traversed the Rhone river since his source on the glacier in Switzerland to the Mediterranean. Are presented in this “large size” edition, images realized on section southernmost, from Pont-Saint-Esprit to Mediterranean, which invite to look differently at what is played after the floods, between nature — savage or domesticated — and men who live these bordering territories of the river.


Format: 30 x 40 cm / 40 pages

Language: Français
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Isbn: 978-2-919380-18-3

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Graphic design: Bureau 205

Photos © Z. Chambert et J. Treillet


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