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“Solidarité, un logotype”

Texts by Alex Jordan - Nous Travaillons Ensemble, Fanette Mellier - graphic designer, Joseph Belletante - Director of the Museum of Printing and Graphic Communication, Antonio Garcia - National Secretary and Communication Director of Secours populaire from 1979 to 1994, Sophie Lotte - in charge of institutional communication.

This book from the collection “Attention: logo!” focuses on the visual identity of the Secours populaire français.


In 1945, this association fight poverty by helping populations in the context of post-WWII reconstruction. 

In 1980 emerge the premises of the logo, designed by Grapus: an airplane with a cockpit shaped as a hand, bringing solidarity across the world. With the winged hand, a true “emblem image”, Grapus offers a sensitive symbol, an echo of vulnerability. Beyond the story of this visual identity lies the history of a socially-engaged graphic design from the eighties to the present day, with examples from designers as Grapus collective, Nous Travaillons Ensemble, the Atelier de création graphique, and from photographers from Bar Floréal and Magnum.

The design of the book pays homage to the activism of the Secours populaire and the commitment of graphic designers. It offers the possibility of unfolding three reproductions of emblematic visuals.


Size: 17 × 23 cm

Pages: 36 +  3 posters

ISBN: 978-2-919380-25-1

Price: 17 €

Graphic design: Bureau 205

Photos: Jérôme Ricolleau

Photogravure: Frédéric Basset


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“Solidarité, un logotype” © Éditions 205, 2018

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