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Talks #2

Pionniers contemporains

Collection “Talks”

The pioneer is the first, it is the man of the new territories, the one who, by his exploration or his gaze, engages a relationship to the world that calls for new rules. Pioneering thinking is at the root of our Western societal models, it carries our democratic aspirations and ideals, but it also contains the evils.

Scientific Director: Marc-Antoine Durand, architect, lecturer at the ENSACF, researcher, publisher, research manager at the LAN agency

With: B. Bégout, É. Tabuchi, L. Parmentier, C. Laurens, C. Maniaque


Talks is a collection of books that aim to restore times of exchange, in the spontaneity and fabrication of thought.

It transcribes the study days organized by the actors of the field of study Evan (Entre ville architecture nature) within the National School of Architecture of Clermont-Ferrand.


Published with: École nationale supérieure d’architecture de Clermont-Ferrand

Size: 14,7 x 22,75 cm

Pages: 96 p. (textes) + 32 p. (images)

Price: 10 €

Graphic design: Bureau 205


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